SWC 28th Drive & Larkspur (North of Cactus)
12426 – 12456 N. 28th Dr, Phoenix, AZ

Available Suites

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Fully Leased

This center recently underwent a major remodel project that included a totally new fascia with stone and slate accents- on par with many of the new centers in Scottsdale. There is a brand new monument sign and new landscaping. This is the nicest center on the street and still offers competitive rents in line with the other centers in the area that aren’t anywhere near as nice.  All suites have their own private restroom and rear exit. This center is suitable for office or retail tenants. The I-17 access road is easily accessible via a one block drive east on Larkspur. Dairy Queen is on a pad at this center.

Mark Rein is an owner/agent.